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I Belong To me Title slide_3x-100.jpg

Client: African Union 

Project: "I belong to me" Book

I was commissioned by the Africa union to create a set of Characters for a book titled "I Belong to Me" This book follows the story of Saleema a young village girl who is facing the possibility of child marriage by her parents. Her parents mean well and see this as tradition, but Saleema's teacher introduces her to the African Union and the history of policies implemented to protect the rights of the Girl Child. Saleema then goes on an adventure meeting different characters in key African cities where policies where implemented to uphold the rights of every African girl. These laws & policies help to protect young girls everywhere from FMCG & Child marriages. The book ends with Saleema giving her speech 'I belong to me' at the 4th summit of the Girl Child held in Niamey, Niger. 

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